Link Building for Affiliate Sites (Without Buying Them)

In this video, we’ll share link building tactics and strategies to get backlinks to your affiliate site. *************************************** Additional Link Building Resources How to Write a Blog Post That Attracts Backlinks (Case Study) [Ep 1] ► Link Building Case Study: Results of 515 Outreach Emails [Ep. 2] ► Guest Posting at Scale: Get Tons of High Quality Backlinks ► Link Building for a New Website: 5 Actionable Ways to Get More Backlinks ► Link Building Tutorials (Step-By-Step) ► *************************************** Building links for affiliate websites is not easy but far from impossible. While some might buy links to their money pages, it’s not what we’re going to share here.The tactics and strategies we share here are in line with Google’s Terms of Service. The first link building strategy is to check the most linked-to pages from your competitors’ websites and take your inspiration from there. How do you find these pages? Watch the video to find out. The second link building strategy is to run Google ads for queries that are a part of the “vicious cycle of SEO.” The vicious cycle of SEO is a theory where the top-ranking pages continually get links because of their high ranking position. And because those pages earn links continuously, they continue ranking high, perpetuating the cycle. Pages that are a part of this vicious cycle tend to be reserved for specific queries that attract bloggers, journalists or people with the power to link to a page. You’ll need to create such a page and then run ads to bring attention to it. How can you execute this tactic? We’ll show you how in the video. The next link building tactic is guest posting. It’s a process of publish

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